“This morning, it is raining. I sat at my granite counter with cup of coffee and muffin and opened the book to scan it again.
Can't stop reading. Can't move except to warm my coffee. Oh man. Feel very privileged. Tom says "are we having lunch?"
No. I am reading Carrie's book. Hope I finish it before dinner or you won't get that either.

"Your description of "Global Citizens" was really helpful and comforting. My friends who have also spent time as
expatriates are very special to me. We may not talk about it much but there is that knowing that we understand what makes
each other tick, and that there is a dimension to each of us which comes from that "other" experience.

"It was real. Looking at the photos practically made me feel like I was right there on the African continent seeing
it with my own eyes."

"I've decided not to rush through it but to read one chapter a night because there is so much challenge in it.
It is making me think deeply and also to pray about some of the issues you raise."